Excellent innovation for ageing a european guide

The selection of Reference Sites for this guide was mainly done by themselves through a peer reviewed self-assessment based on key criteria such as EIPAHA relevance, scale, number of specific EIP actions to which they are committed, evidence and replication potential.

On this basis they filled out questionnaires on their contribution to the different action areas of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing and on their overall strategy to tackle the demographic challenge in Europe. Then they scored each other based on this information. The results you find here: after one year evaluation process, we have now 32 Reference Sites from 12 Member States, with a ranking from 1 to 3 stars. Plenty of room for growth and competition for all, as four stars is the maximum.

All Reference Sites are willing to share with you what they have discovered on their expedition to excellent innovation for ageing. They found out what ageing people need to stay, active, independent and healthy for as long as possible, they have good ideas for how to innovate in the systems for health and social care in such a way that they cater to real needs in a more effective and efficient way. And some of them also found out if and how a healthy business can be made out of it.

Download from eHealthNews. Siemens Healthineers introduces Ysio X. To assist radiologists with the subsequent Treating anxiety and depression with digital mental health therapy has a significant and long-term benefit for recovery, new research amongst NHS service users suggests.

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The research was undertaken by SilverCloud Member States, with the support of the Commission, have agreed on a set of technical specifications to ensure a safe exchange of information between national contact tracing apps based on The Highland Marketing advisory board has been discussing the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the deployment of health tech in the NHS.

At its March meeting, which took place just More than 5, participants, over Supporters and more than contributions to the programme - these were the final figures after three days While traditional EDC systems capture data from forms Most Popular Now 1 2 3. Digital Mental Health Interventions Have… Treating anxiety and depression with digital mental health therapy has a significant and long-term benefit for recovery, new research amongst NHS service users suggests. Member States Agree on an Interoperabili… Member States, with the support of the Commission, have agreed on a set of technical specifications to ensure a safe exchange of information between national contact tracing apps based onNavigation Menu.

Publications Office of the EU. Publication detail. Maintenance EN. Consequently, users may experience instabilities and limited functionality. We apologise for the inconvenience. Web Content Display Global.

For a better user experience please update your browser or use Chrome or Firefox browser. Publication Detail Actions Portlet. Rate this publication. Publication Detail Portlet. This policy review is the first step for such a knowledge valorisation strategy. By identifying and analysing the main channels for knowledge. View more. To enhance the diffusion of excellent national, regional and organisation-level initiatives, it also includes references to European and international best practices.

View less. Download and languages. Available languages and formats Available languages and formats. View more View less. Publication Viewer. Document viewer The document doesn't have a viewable format at this time. Go Back Widget. Back to list of results. Please note that this website will be undergoing some updates this week.The project aims at helping policy-makers to get an overview of potential policy needs, funders to receive ideas for potential investments, social entrepreneurs to gain inspirations for potential business ideas and social innovation incubators to improve their service.

Social Innovation is an inclusive and multi-dimensional concept that emphasises specific aspects of the innovation process, the context and the impact of innovations, such as : the orientation at social needs, problems and values; the introduction of new social practices; user participation and acceptance; societal and individual benefits.

This project will map and analyse social innovations as well as underlying patterns in the field of active and healthy ageing.

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In a first step, social innovators are ivited to present their social innovations on www. Please find here more information on the award! This application database will be analysed regarding patterns, gaps and open questions.

Lessons learnt from those cases will be synthesised in a rapport and presented at a European conference. The ultimate goal is to create a platform of ideas for social innovations which can be scaled-up tackling the challenges of ageing. Social innovations exist often at local level and do rarely develop into a larger movement. Through the creation of a European platform of ideas for social innovation it is aimed to introduce these ideas to interested stakeholders.

This will help to scale-up social innovations and make use of them in different countries across Europe. Moreover, the analysis of these cases might detect problems in the framework conditions hindering the scaling-up of social innovations in Europe.

This might alert policy-makers to introduce changes in the legislative framework. Policy makers at EU and national level, social entrepreneurs, social innovators, social innovation funders and social innovation incubators.

Social Innovation in Ageing – the European Award

European Award on Social Innovation for Ageing. Extended deadline: Application open until 31 July, The award will recognize individuals, organizations, and partnerships developing and implementing social innovations in the field of active and healthy ageing. Social innovations respond to social problems and needs in a sustainable and socially accepted way through new or improved solutions. The prizes are to be used by the social entrepreneurs to further develop, spread, and scale their solutions.

Details and the application form can be found here: www. Skip to main content. Who is it for? This website is developed with the financial support of an operating grant of the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Commission. The contents of the articles are the sole responsibility of AGE Platform Europe and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Commission.State-Of-The-Art Simulations. Student Experience.

The Center for Innovative Care in Aging Center advances novel behavioral interventions to enhance the health, well-being, and aging of diverse adults and their families in various settings including home and community. This involves developing, evaluating, translating, and implementing programs and educating health and human service professionals and students in behavioral intervention research.

To enhance intervention responsiveness, the Center uses new models, study designs, frameworks, and approaches to shorten the intervention development pipeline and accelerate translation of effective interventions into practice to meet the needs of diverse aging populations.

Learn about the Aging Center in the news. Learn more. Promotes team science and interprofessional and interdisciplinary approaches to identify targets for behavioral intervention research, and develop, evaluate, and implement behavioral interventions.

Skip Navigation. Apply Visit Ask Connect. Prerequisite Offerings. Become a Preceptor. Explore Viewbook. An Evening with the Stars.

YouTube LinkedIn Flickr. Aging Center Quick Links. Meet the Team. The center brings a wide range of activities aimed at advancing research in areas concerning aging.

Twitter Tweets by agingcenter. Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. Interested in learning opportunities in aging at Hopkins? Join our mailing list.Contact one of our experts. Teardown Product Benchmarking ; the systematic disassembly, comparison and analysis of own and competitor products.

Deloitte Innovation Centers

Spider Mapping is a customer-focused tool which allows Product Development to determine whether a product is generating the right value at the right cost. What do shifting demands imposed by new business models imply for developing products, optimizing for quality and reducing cost with the DfX methodology. A DfX convention is valuable in any product life cycle stage — from first idea to golden tail — use Design for X to increase product value and reduce costs. From our perspective, Design for Excellence DfX goes beyond the traditional scope of cost reduction by applying Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly.

Using an end-to-end approach, we have identified additional methods for significantly reducing cost and incorporated these into our DfX methodology. This comprehensive methodology paired with our unique set of competencies allow us to help our customers drastically reduce their total cost of ownership for new and existing products.

Read more. This helped us to demystify customer needs before we began discussing specs. They demonstrated a great understanding of innovation processes.

They pointed out to us the main reason why the results of this project were not used in the downstream development project. Their contribution was on program management, content and change management was instrumental in obtaining the results. The team was always prepared to go the extra mile, where needed. Philips Innovation Services supported consistently with persistence and timely support, even at odd hours, to make it happen.

excellent innovation for ageing a european guide

All our consultants are experienced professionals who have spent many years working in industry, tackling the kind of challenges you face every day. They understand your challenges and need for solutions that fit your unique opportunities and constraints. By bringing method and engineering discipline, but always by considering the bigger picture.

They bring leading-edge know-how, insights and hands-on experience on the table.

excellent innovation for ageing a european guide

Meet us. The Design for Excellence DfX methodology incorporates a broad range of perspectives and tools. This approach was not created in a Big Bang but is the culmination of decades of real-world experience and the result of experiments, mistakes, insights, failures, and successes. The journey began in the s. In those days there was a strong focus on improving product designs to make them suitable for operations.

To stay competitive, Philips focused heavily on these areas. Coordination of all these efforts was done at the Center for Manufacturing Technology now known as Philips Innovation Services.

They acted as a knowledge hub and trained many DfM and DfA specialists. In fact, what was really happening was that development was incorporating manufacturing requirements early in the design.

This is, however, valid for many more disciplines.

Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development

To group all these different disciplines we started calling them DfX, where X stands for the different disciplines. The next step was to get multi-functional teams to look at the current products to reduce costs and increase value. The teams would, in a high-pressure time-boxed approach, take a holistic view across the entire value chain.Deloitte Innovation Centers has been added to Bookmarks.

Deloitte Innovation Centers has been removed from Bookmarks. About us. Lots of executives talk about innovation, but how does it actually happen? In our experience, innovation results from the convergence of a wide range of perspectives, knowledge, and insight focused on specific industries and issues.

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And we have the reach and talent to make those connections. The Center is your guide to better discern risk and reward, to capture opportunities, and to solve tough challenges amid the rapidly evolving TMT landscape. Back to top. Deloitte Center for the Edge Your future business at the edge of your current business Businesses are exposed to more disruptions and competitive threats than ever before.

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Change and increasing complexity are the new normal. Deloitte financial services professionals understand that your organization needs to not only adapt to these pressures, but also grow. Through publications, forums, and immersive workshops, we engage with public officials on a journey of positive transformation, crystallizing insights to help them understand trends, overcome constraints, and expand the limits of what is possible.

excellent innovation for ageing a european guide

Deloitte Center for Health Solutions The source for fresh perspectives in health care. DCHS looks deeper at the biggest industry issues and provides new thinking around complex challenges. Cutting-edge research and thought-provoking analysis gives industry insiders the insights they need to see things differently and address the changing landscape.

Through forums and immersive lab sessions, we plan to engage the higher education community collaboratively on a transformative journey, exploring critical topics, overcoming constraints and expanding the limits of the art of the possible. How will these changes impact the way your company does business in the future? Deloitte Center for Regulatory Strategies Head and shoulders above the rest. With the increasing complexity of regulations and continued convergence of issues, we offer direct access to a deep roster of experienced industry and regulatory and compliance specialists, many of whom are former regulators.

Our professionals will work closely with you to help develop a clear and implementable strategy to meet current and future regulatory challenges while better positioning your organization to meet its goals.MADRID — Fernando Feliz, a sprightly year-old Spaniard wearing a jogging suit and sneakers, does not know what he would do if he no longer could care for himself.

Right now, he is too busy to worry about it, between trips to his beach house in Valencia and volunteer work at amateur soccer tournaments in Madrid. But if that day ever comes, he is certain about one thing: He does not want to live with his children. I'd rather die - as simple as that," said Feliz, a retired factory manager. Old age in Europe is not what it used to be. Traditionally, Spanish seniors like Feliz had few alternatives.

They stayed with their family, or those who were utterly alone would check into hospital-like residences run by nuns. But now, adult children with demanding jobs are less inclined or able to care for parents, even in Mediterranean countries with tight-knit families.

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Seniors themselves are demanding more independence in the lengthening, post-retirement stage of life. In Norway, the Netherlands and Denmark only 1 of 25 elderly people lives with their offspring, according to a report on long-term care by the European Commission and the American Association of Retired Persons. Meanwhile, demographics are shifting: Bypeople over 65 are forecast to make up one-third of the EU population, a jump from As the old safety nets erode, European states are searching for formulas to reduce health care and retirement costs in the face of strong demand for services.

So how will the next generation fund its needs? The solution is part private, part public and the answer, of course, varies from country to country, shaped by national regulations and the relative generosity of taxpayers. Governments, in general, are encouraging ways to help seniors remain outside of costly state-backed institutions.

As the onus shifts to the individual, an increasing number of companies have seen an opportunity for profit.

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Market innovations range from new types of insurance policies, to specialized care homes and communities - for those who can afford them.

Today, Feliz can take his pick from more than 5, nursing homes across Spain, most of them privately owned and nearly half of them built in the last eight years, according to the privately held developer Bancaja Habitat in Valencia.

The Healthy Ageing Brain - A/Prof Amy Brodtmann

By the end of this decade, he could also rent or buy an apartment in one of at least 25 planned retirement "resorts" that offer everything from the pottery classes and trips to the Alhambra in Granada to on-site physical therapy. Eventually, he might remain in his own home with the help of a barrage of gadgets like fall-detecting sensors or even a robot nurse to follow him around, according to Empirica, a consulting firm in Bonn in emerging technology for assisted living.

It plans to build continuous-care communities along the Spanish coasts in the next five years. It opens in and backers hope to attract Spaniards and Northern European retirees seeking sunnier climes.

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In Denmark, the latest trend is the do-it-yourself retirement community.

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